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BEING IN SERVICE - Week in View Blog

This week we shift our perspective more within, asking ourselves mindful questions. This current, profound Venus in retrograde (in Scorpio) transit lends itself to this deep exploration within, even more so than ever before. We are truly being guided and encouraged to go within and connect with the deepest aspects of ourselves regardless if they are 'good, bad or ugly'. It is our inner-environment that has all the answers, holds the deepest wisdom. Answers you seek are found within you. Now. In this moment. On a more divinely expansive note ... there is so much beautiful support for the dijana.org vision and mission. This, combined with curiosity is a wonderful combination for co-creation, c

BEING IN SERVICE - week in view

At times it seemed like I was never going to get to the end of creating my website ... and now, here we are ... I'm writing my first week in view blog! We've had an amazing first full week. The aim of the first week was two fold ... first, we wanted to establish, align and anchor a good social media thread ... second, to establish a good rhythm regarding social media activity. I have to own it ... I"m not so good (or interested) in the whole social media thingy. I recognise though, that this is vital part of communicating a message to the Collective, so ... I had to commit to this aspect of mission expression and apply this in practice until it felt more like second nature. Overall, I feel d


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