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The Heart of What Matters

What is the collective consciousness, what is oneness and unity? My perception has grown when using these terms, there has been so much to take in and decipher because everyone has a take on what it means to them, and that is part of what it means, having your own perception and introducing your truth without judgement As you sit in your heart hold space for the expansion of yourself, we don't have the ability to function without a heart and a heart doesn't have the ability to function without us allowing for growth. We are using our heart both involuntary and voluntary just as we do our breathing. The heart plays a metaphoric voluntary role, we use it as a representative of our being,

InnerNET New Earth School

An Online Platform for Unlearning to Remembering your true self, Spiritual Awakening and Self- Awareness. InnerNET provides s 5D based online platform for learning where time and space dissolve making room for personal growth without restrictions and limitations. InnerNET supports the evolution of collective consciousness where inner union is supported and nurtured, and where divine self is integrated in harmony and balance with all other aspects. PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT INFORMATION a) Workshops are delivered ONLINE in a private/closed online group every 11th and 22nd of the month (see below information about May workshops) b) Once you've registered for the workshop I will send you the link


  • certified holistic health counselor

  • twin flame support

  • mental health support services

  • energy healing practitioner

  • accurate psychic readings

Carefree Drive




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