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BACK TO BASICS - Holistic Counselling

BACK TO BASICS Dissolves Anxiety and Fear Emotional, Mental and Physical well-being strategies Practical, quick, easy and effective A qualified, professional and confidential service Supporting you through this Global/Individual impact of COVID-19 This is a precausionary measure to protect yourself and your immune function Safe, 'live in real time', online sessions AUD $90 for 90 minutes BOOK NOW!


HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS CRYSTAL GRID KIT with integrative Flower Essence Blend - infused with Universal Diamond codes of light! PLEASE NOTE: ** price includes postage within Australia. Postage o/s may incur extra cost depending on where it's going in the world ** ONLY 12 LEFT IN STOCK SO BUY NOW ** The flower essences are a vibrational medicine blend that supports the energy, emotional and mental bodies with integration and/or healing, as required. The intention of this blend is to help integrate the codes of light and energy co-created and manifested in conjunction with the crystal grid ** The crystal grid can be used as part of a Prayer Altar, for intention setting, for meditation, yoga or ot


  • certified holistic health counselor

  • twin flame support

  • mental health support services

  • energy healing practitioner

  • accurate psychic readings

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