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At a time in our world when there is very little compassionate, balanced, intelligent, harmonising Global Leadership, perhaps our mission is to become better at being innate sovereign people ... learn to rely less on outside influences, remember the dance of oneness. In the spirit of remembering our sovereignty I offer you enclosed free spiritual teachings. Five teaching videos over 10 hours of inner journeying. Please remember that the teachings were recorded for a private group originally and I'm releasing these now to the public. The teachings are general and may not apply to everyone in the exactly the same way. Should you require more personalised mentoring please feel free to contact m


** New YouTube video! Please like, subscribe, comment HEALING THE COLLECTIVE SHADOW 🙏🌍💙 Warning ⚠️ This is a fairly advanced spiritual/metaphysical understanding that I'm asked to share. This may create a trigger or an aspect difficult to hear, but it will also plant a more peace/compassion based seed. This work is not for the lighthearted ... it's for the Light Heart-ed. And on that ... please listen to this teaching with both an open mind and an open heart. All my love Dijana 💗


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