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  • Please see Testimonials on the home page
  • Readings are purchased prior to appointment
  • There are no full refulds (excluding extreme, extenuating circumstances such as death)
  • The reading includes 1 x reschedule of appointment (subsequent changes incur a 50% sur-charge)
  • Cancellations within 48 hours prior to appointment incur a 50% charge 



My experience has taught me about honoring and respecting my time, my space and my energy. I am also self employed and cannot function on air only, so abundance and prosperity is respected and honoured. With this in mind and heart, I intend and outline the abovementioned conditions of purchase.


This Meaningful Gift is in AUD. The current currency converter shows AUD $70 at USD $48 and GBP $37 (AMAZING VALUE!!).


Love and Blessings



Soul Wisdom Energy Card Reading