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Conscious Awareness

As we move forward in life, we place and set goals of where we want to be. Plans change because we change. Just like certain beliefs we hold, change is growth. We work hard to get to a happy place, not seeing that if we are present we already have joy, things we are grateful for, people who love us and that we love, we are not noticing where we are and how we became to be where we are, even through hard times we are here where we are, please just stop now and look around at what is being offered to you, if you don't you'll not notice what your chasing is exactly what you already have, it may not appear in a physical sense, because abundance isn't a material form, it is a conscious awareness of self. There is no end game, everything that is happening is always happening now, you reminisce about the past and as you do the feeling you had then is again happening now. You feel your moments because you were present then as you are now. We change daily, we move forward , but it takes now to do so. You may be stuck right now and don't see a way out, so ask yourself why you can't see, is it because you're focussed on what you may have missed out on or what you don't have? Step aside and understand you are where you are because you chose to be there, there is nothing stopping you from changing that, except you. I know it's easier said than done, but one moment at a time is all it takes and if your reading this then you're already doing it or you have been here and know this is how it's done. Taking responsibility for yourself is the ultimate freedom, you discover you have free will and you don't need permission to exercise that power. Don't give your power away, respect is given when you respect yourself. For every person and event that had taken place in your life, thank them because you didn't get to where you are by yourself, everything plays a part in the awakening of your consciousness. I don't know one person that has awoken without being triggered by a trauma or something that forced them to really take notice. So remember this awakening started by your awareness in the moment. Stay alert and notice if you slip back into self doubt, and recognize that without all that you go through, humanity would crumble. Your light is a huge beacon in what helps lead the collective into a brighter existence. Your experience is essential to the generations to come, but your reaction to that experience is the most vital part to how we as a collective evolve. Remember you are a sovereign being and you are free.

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