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Friday, April 7, 2023 NOVA BLOG


Tips for Heart-Based Living

  • Practice genuine appreciation for everything and increase heartfelt positive emotions.

  • Generate positive feelings before, during and after your activities and encounters to increase the texture and richness of your life experiences.

  • Practice care, not over care, for yourself and others.

  • Guard against negative projections – the down slant: These are negative thoughts and feelings about you, someone else or the future.

  • Be objective about issues that arise, as if they are someone else’s. Focus on your heart area and breathe in a positive feeling or attitude. Listen to your heart for solutions.

Practicing these tips does not guarantee that all your challenges will go away. What it does promise is that you will have a set of effective tools to deal with whatever day to day brings.

The activities also lead to coherence. Among the characteristics of psychophysiological coherence are smooth heart-rhythm patterns, greater heart-brain synchronization for improved cognitive ability, and efficient, harmonious functioning of cardiovascular, nervous, hormonal and immune systems.

Coherence – Feelings of genuine hope, appreciation, care and compassion signal your heart to send harmonious and coherent signals to the brain/mind, replacing feelings of separation with connection. The heart and brain align, and your electromagnetic field sends out a coherence wave, locally and globally. Higher cortical functions are enhanced, enabling greater objectivity and intuitive perception.

Incoherence – Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty and fear send chaotic and incoherent signals to the brain/mind, inhibiting higher cortical functions and trigger stressful responses. The heart and brain are no longer in sync and solutions to personal and global problems elude us. Negative emotions register in your magnetic field, generating an incoherence wave.

** Data from the HeartMath Institute


A reminder!

I 'bit' the proverbial bullet and launched my business Page on Facebook. Please join me on the Page:


It is my honour to introduce Guest Writers to the DIJANA ORG Blog.

Please help me welcome:

  1. Luca Orlandi

  2. Jenny Smith

  3. Lillian Brummet

  4. Anna Rodin

  5. Michal Stawicki

In the spirit of expanding our entrepreneurial collaboration (they are all current + future podcast guests), I have asked these wonderful holistic practitioners and experts in the their field to join me in publishing articles/blogs that will contribute to enriching our knowledge, understanding, intentions and wisdom.

Look out for new blog posts over the next few weeks!

There are so many more wonderful projects in the works at the moment. I look forward to sharing them with you in due time.

Until then, enjoy the next podcast episode and don't forget the services and online programs available to you on the website and are listed below.


NOVA WHOLISTIC©️ Episode 18 with Mahatma Starseed

Thank you 🙏

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This transformational program is suitable for anyone ready and willing to take a personal journey of reflection with gentle, safe, and supportive guidance. Regardless of prior experience or level of personal awareness, the process is easily followed with the only requirement being an open mind.

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