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I dreamt ...

Had a strange dream last night.

I had a baby. We lived in this toxic, corroded orange water. We survived because we were protected by a condom-like clear layer/bubble around us so we could breathe.

There were other people living in this place as well but without the protection. They looked more like dead bodies but were still alive, sort off. More like zombies.

This little baby was so pure and beautiful and innocent, the most precious thing ever. All I wanted to do was to protect it and get us out of that shithole!

The toxic corroded water we were in obviously represents the toxic corroded collective emotional body, and those that live unprotected in that way.

The baby feels like it represents the new beginnings, the purity, the innocence of the new world, New Earth 🌏

The baby had to be protected!

It represents our inner child, inner purity as well as wisdom.

It was extraordinary how the bubs in the dream was not scared and felt like he/she (can’t discern the gender) wanted to help the zombie like people. Such deep wisdom and compassion! I knew though, that there was a deadline for how long we could stay in that toxic environment, so we had to get out ASAP.

There was a way out, I had an idea, and was working to execute it. The way out was through a dangerous path filled with super nasty zombies.

There was a choice I had to make:

One, I take the bubs with me, we don’t separate, and risk something happening to bubs ... or two, I leave the bubs behind in a safer area, get out quickly, drain the toxic water and come back for bubs.

I didn’t like it but I/we opted to leave bubs with two elder zombies that bubs felt were harmless... while I went away through the most dangerous path out.

The way out was most dangerous right at the portal! And that’s where I was. The gangster monsters that monitored the way out of the toxic shithole were horrendously manipulative and protected their turf like a strengle hold.

Omg! Many souls got stuck there, right at the end! It was difficult to get past the illusions and manipulations. So dangerous.

I don’t know if we got out because I woke up. And then, as I slowly woke ... a revisited/was reminded of all the toxic people, conversations, events of late. And there’s many. And again, most have to do with that outdated toxic patriarchal energies and their behaviour.

I feel that I’m reconciling recent events within me and also the theme of this year For the collective consciousness. It’s so wonderful and promising to know that we are 100% right at the end of this transition from the old paradigm to the new. But this is by far the most dangerous place to be. Can’t afford to get stuck in the drama, in the manipulations, the illusions of the old. The light is calling and the portal has never been activated more or bigger! Sadly, those that are stuck in the drama of the 3D paradigm can’t ever see/notice the portal, the bright divine light of the new world because they are too blinded by fear or hate.

It’s time to wake 🙏🏻🌏🦋

Sigh 😔

Lost souls 🙏🏻


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