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Lillian Brummet - Brummet Media Creative Networking



Creative Networking

Networking plays a huge role in maintaining any business - and finding

creative ways to begin or continue networking with our contacts can

be a challenge. A great deal of time and effort is necessary behind the

scenes before we reach out to create dialogue with a contact, and then

even more time goes into building a positive relationship with them

where both parties benefit. Therefore we need our networking efforts

to be as effective and efficient as possible. At the same time, we

should want those networking connections to continue indefinitely. So

when we are approaching a new networking contact, it is important to

keep in mind that our goal is to create a long-term relationship with


At first, several ideas will pop into our creative mind - ways we can

support others, what we may be able to offer, what we are looking for

from them, options we may want to consider in the future. That is

great! Do those, but pace them out so that we are not doing all these

things at once. Spread the networking opportunities out over several

months, perhaps over several years or longer. When these immediate

ideas run out there are plenty of options to brainstorm on including

collaborating on a community fundraiser, hosting sales on the same

day, utilizing each other's social networks, distributing each other's

coupons and perhaps referring each other to interested clients.

There are many things we can do online as well that can maintain

these networking relationships. Online Bulletin Boards, for instance,

act like those familiar website pages we've all seen before listing

resources or referrals... but instead, the board has the visual

appearance of an actual bulletin board.

Sometimes the website manager will ask for a nice blurb and a link,

they may want a logo image that they hyperlink. In other cases you

may need to design something with more imagery - similar to what

you might do for flyers, posters, banners, bookmarks or business

cards. Each image that is tacked onto the virtual board, referral listing,

business listing or resource page will also be hyperlinked so people can

just click on the image and find out more.

Whenever we are invited to submit an image, it is important to

examine what other people have done on that specific page. We need

to determine how we will stand out among them. Knowing where we

want to drive the traffic to (the URL) and understanding the audience

that is visiting that page will determine the keywords we choose to

utilize and the copy that we write.

Be sure to keep the text simple and as large as can fit in the image -

we don't always need to have complete sentences on resource listings

or e-bulletin boards, just a few words to create enough interest that

the viewer will click to learn more from there.

So get creative and get ready for an exciting and inspiring networking


Lillian and her husband Dave are the team behind Brummet Media

Group, high-fiving cheerfully as they pass each other on the way from

checking off one item or other from their long to-do list. Their business

includes Dave’s music studio and percussion repair services, numerous

award-winning non-fiction books, a YouTube channel and 2 popular


Visit the Brummets @:

-&- drop by their Amazon Author page


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