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Integrative Holistic Health & Wellbeing Program©

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This Program shows you how to integrate multiple complementary, alternative modalities easily into your every-day life, so that the benefits of different modalities are working for you at their highest potential, DAILY. When applied regularly these tools are also deeply transformative. Just 5 minutes of meaningful action daily will make a significant difference! Journey through each program section at your own pace, however remember, that in order to get the most out of each new skill/tool it is advisable to practice this new way of being daily. This Program offers five different ways in which you can enhance your daily wellbeing practice. These are simple, yet deeply transformative and effective strategies. You can apply all five in your life or choose one or two and start with. Once you've journeyed thought the whole program you can experiment and decide what combination, and when, is best for your life: 1. MORNING RITUAL - breathwork and visualisation A more mindful, present and meaningful way to start your day. 2. WATER RITUAL - breathwork and visualisation Atune to the power of water to maximise your wellbeing. 3. 4 BY 4 - on the go breathwork practice A fast, sharp, effective way to come back to centre during times of stress and overwhelm. 4. STRESS & TENSION RELEASE - breathwork, visualisation and meditation. 5. LIFTING MOOD - guided meditation. May it help support your daily investment into your health and wellbeing.




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Integrative Holistic Health & Wellbeing©

Integrative Holistic Health & Wellbeing©

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