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Happy Outdoor Portrait

 "I can only say, there is nobody else on Earth that I would entrust my Journey or bare my Soul to other than Dijana.

I have completed one part of the Mentoring Program with her and will be undertaking my next module shortly.

Three reading/guidance sessions and I’m just beyond grateful for her Wisdom and profound knowledge, and of course experience on so many levels.


Thank You Dijana"

Wendy (Wallan, VIC Australia)

Enjoying Lunch

"I had 4 sessions with Dijana and I cant tell you how much of a joy it was working with her. I consider myself a good mentor and will soon be a certified Life Coach.

I needed a different perspective on a few things in my own life. Every time I spoke to her she offered solutions and perspectives that I never though off. She single handedly helped move me forward on my path and I am forever grateful that I had the chance to work with her. I love you Dijana and all of you knowledge! Blessings to you for eternity!!"

April (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA)

Walk on the Beach


Beckie (Wollongong, NSW Australia)

After suffering PTSD, night terrors and anxiety and depression for the past 10 years, Dijana has motivated me to heal, grow and learn from my past. This has been huge for me, as I have always spoken about my trauma as an out of body experience and thus, never actually addressed it or learnt to deal with it in a way that is helpful. I could not more highly recommend Dijana, she is an absolute miracle.

Natasha (Manchester, UK)

Thank you for teaching me what you have. Because I just did it without thinking, sat in my shadows till I saw light. I anchored each feeling and I feel balanced. Still with all the pain and love surrounding everything but I can observe it .. it’s really beautiful





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