"As I've journeyed to self-awareness, gained inner courage and strength, learned to express with integrity, I realised that my work, my mission is about remembering love. Love as a higher frequency state of being, love as a feeling and a thought, as a behavior, love as a universal language. I realised that it is part of my evolution to understand the bigger picture of 'love' and learn how to call this highest universal frequency into my daily life in order to apply it to every aspect of my life. dijana.org is the ever evolving, expanding dance between the Universe and I, as we merge our etheric and physical rhythm in equal measure of receiving and giving, at peace, in harmony, and in service to self and the collective."


Dijana is a qualified Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellor. When she graduated in 2005, Dijana immediately started her own Counselling and Holistic therapy practice called Living Empowered. 
Living Empowered represented a new way of being, integrating Mind Body Emotion into wholeness, awareness, acceptance and love. To this day, the holistic well-being intention and foundations stay the same.

Love and Blessings

Love Yourself

What has evolved over the last 15 years has been the group work, the teaching and mentoring, paying 'it' forward. As Dijana stepped into her own Self-Mastery, a higher octave and cosmic vibration of Love, she has been guided to teach, write, create, record, broadcast, publish. Be in service to unity consciousness and assist with the setting of those core foundation.

From this, dijana.org was born, a more evolved mentoring, counselling and well-being service for those on the path of awakening. A global  community gathers on the social media pages of dijana.org in mutual support and love.

THANK YOU for being here and trusting something new and divinely inspired!

Love and Blessings



Highest Self-Actualisation


Feminine Energy Within holds sacred knowledge and the vision of a persons Highest Potential in any area of life. The mentoring process allows dijana.org to co-create the sacred environment in which the highest potential of the person is revealed, acknowledged, understood and embodied.


Masculine Energy Within is the sacred energy in motion that activates, charges, takes action and manifests the Soul Vision.



dijana.org vision and mission is to experience, then show The Way of Divine Partnerships, an exalted 5D New Earth collaboration and communion between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. This is guided by the principles of Divine Architecture, Sacred Geometry, Universal and Natural Laws.

This is the Way-Show(er) Network



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