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Most commonly Mentoring helps see CLEARLY on a NEW LANDSCAPE. Once that inner landscape reveals itself, life can never be the same again!

Here's some practical ways that 1-on-1 Mentoring supports:

  • How to navigate through an INNER awakening

  • How to live and integrate a spiritual life into your day-to-day

  • Gain clarity and deeper understanding around synchronisities such as repeating numbers, dreams, signs, songs, ascension symptoms

  • Connect with your Higher Self

  • Connect with the different aspects of your inner-self

  • Connect with your intuition and learn to trust it

  • Learn to identify and work with the broken/hurt parts of yourself

  • Learn how to recognise what the shadow unconscious is communicating to you (anger, saddness, depression, anxiety, stress, worry, avoidance, addiction, fear, etc)

  • Learn to let go and heal

  • Learn to be present and stay in the present moment

  • Learn to nurture yourself and receive 100% from every moment

  • Learn to recognise when your higher self is talking to you

  • Learn to consciously shift perspective and maintain that higher perspective

  • Learn to observe stillness and get out of your body/mind rat race

  • Learn how to remember and connect with your purpose

  • Learn how to align and implement your purpose

  • Learn how to manifest

  • Arrive at the unconditional love and abundance frequencies

  • Understand the flow and application of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies

  • Learn how to create your Heaven on Earth AND MUCH MORE!

MENTORING IS A JOURNEY that is packaged in the following way:

1. You fill in an application form telling me a little about yourself. Simply click on the APPLICATION FORM Button below, request the form and I will get back to you personally within 24 hours!

2. Once the application form is received,I will asses your application. Once assessed and in alignment, we will connect and arrange a FREE 30 minute initial consultation. 

3. As part of the initial consultation, we will set up the payment (plans/options available) and agree to the start date.


Many Blessings, DIJANA