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Most commonly Mentoring helps clearly see a NEW INNER LANDSCAPE. Once that inner landscape reveals itself, a transformation begins and life can never be the same again!

Here's some practical ways that 1-on-1 Mentoring supports:

  • How to navigate through INNER awakening

  • How to live and integrate a spiritual life into your day-to-day

  • Gain clarity and deeper understanding around synchronisities such as repeating numbers, dreams, signs, songs, ascension symptoms

  • Connect with your Higher Self

  • Connect with the different aspects of your inner-self

  • Connect with your intuition and learn to trust it

  • Learn to identify and work with the broken/hurt parts of yourself

  • Learn how to recognise what the shadow unconscious is communicating to you (anger, saddness, depression, anxiety, stress, worry, avoidance, addiction, fear, etc)

  • Learn to let go and heal

  • Learn to be present and stay in the present moment

  • Learn to nurture yourself and receive 100% from every moment

  • Learn to recognise when your higher self is talking to you

  • Learn to consciously shift perspective and maintain that higher perspective

  • Learn to observe stillness and get out of your body/mind rat race

  • Learn how to remember and connect with your purpose

  • Learn how to align and implement your purpose

  • Learn how to manifest

  • Arrive at the unconditional love and abundance frequencies

  • Understand the flow and application of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies

  • Learn how to create your Heaven on Earth 


MENTORING IS A JOURNEY that is packaged in the following way:

1. Simply click on the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Button below and I will get back to you personally within 24 hours!

2. You can also call me directly on the number listed below

3. We will connect and arrange a FREE (up to) 30 minute initial consultation 

4. As part of the initial consultation, we will collaborate and create the highest potential for the mentoring process (day, time, rhythm, platform) and also set up the payment (plans/options available)


Many Blessings, DIJANA

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