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Bootcamp Within© about illuminating your shadow self, negative thoughts and emotions you may not like about yourself.

You may not even realise that they are within you.

This is about discovering unseen and unknown aspects of yourself.


This package is about learning how to navigate what is traditionally referred to as the 'dark night of the soul'.

Here you learn how to bring the unconscious into the conscious, into your present moment. 

Once illuminated, you then learn how to acknowledge, let go, dissolve and heal what no longer serves you. This process is called Transformation or Transcendence. You will experience these intimate moments in full consciousness within your whole Being!


The higher octave (intention) of Bootcamp Within© is Timeline Collapse.



    ... is always custom paved! There's not one person that is having an identical life experience as another.

    Inspired action is taken through a variety of modalities such as:

    • Holistic counselling practices

    • Natural therapies

    • Vibrational medicine

    • Botanical medicine

    • Colour therapy

    • Energy healing

    • Activation of own Energy Body

    • Quantum awareness

    • Life Coaching

    • Meditation and Breathwork



    Mentoring is purchased in bundles of four weeks  AUD $444 

    The bundle includes:

    • One 15 minute initial discovery call (video or phone call)

    • Four x 1-to-1 private and confidential sessions

    • Free membership to the Wisdom Mentor community group

    • Free once-per-month online group Mentor session (in addition to the private sessions)

    • Free access to the online, self-paced Intergrative Holistic Health & Wellbeing Program ©

    • Qualified, experienced, reliable and effective Guidance and Insight

    • Awakening to Ancient Wisdom within

    • Illumination and insight