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BEING IN SERVICE - Week in view Blog

This week, I wanted to share with you a post that seem to hit a collective cord. The image is beautiful and also provoking!

Here's some of the post ...


Do you know…"That when you enter a woman, you are actually INSIDE of another human being, you are inside of her?Have you ever realized how sacred this is?That this is the closest thing to oneness that you will ever experience, and that she holds this gift for you...That you can return to the womb and to the point of creation…That you can plant the seeds of creation as well…That when you leave her, she feels the separation as you physically pulls out and leave her empty…'

For the rest of the post please go to my Facebook page

With over 12,000 reached, 5800 engagements and over 60 shares, there is something that we seem to innately know about the sacred act of intimacy. We yearn to express in this way, to be connected deeply and authentically, to be vulnerable and seen for who we really are. With Venus in retrograde, whether we know it or not, we are reviewing our relationships (within and without) and finding that our souls are asking us not to be afraid of who we are. We are so loved!



There's this wonderful EVENT!


It is my sincere and deepest honor to be chosen as one of the Speakers at this WORLD FIRST ONLINE SUMMIT!

I will be posting more about this in the Shout-Out, but I just wanted to flag this for you because I feel this summit is aligned with my sentiment above, which of course, is a direct result of the collective feedback.

To read more information about this please visit my page:

I hope you enjoy the contemplations around these two impactfull aspects.

JOIN US for real time events and discussions on



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