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Its been a little while ...

I've been in discovery mode! Working out what works and is in alignment with and what requires a shift. This takes my focus away from writing to you via blog, however, I'm here, always with you, present and connected with the collective energy!

I've decided to name the blog UNLEARNING TO REMEMBERING. What do you think? After all this is what we are actually doing in the journey of spiritual awakening ... unlearning the conditioning and programming and remembering the wisdom we already have within us!

I have 2 BIG announcements:


My beautiful support, assistant, co-creator and collaborator! Sammy is supporting with Social Media and administration. I am deeply grateful to her for coming on board in this way as this frees me up to work on manifesting next projects that in service to the collective consciousness. Please like us on and follow on

InnerNET - 5D New Earth Online School

InnerNET is an online web platform for Spiritual Awakening and learning! Every 11th and 22nd of the month, I create a Facebook EVENT for InnerNET and present a workshop (webinar) on a relevant spiritual awakening topic.

Not everyone has the time or the confidence to commit to a 101 Mentoring journey with me. The InnerNET online platform caters and meets the needs of those that are willing and ready to align with their unlearning but in a way that gives them a little more flexibility and affordability.

Here's the link to the next workshop, this Friday, 22nd March!


Join Us!

All you have to do to register is confirm with me your email address. I will then send you all the relevant information.

Shellharbour Mind Body & Soul Expo

It was an honor to present on Stage at the Expo this past Saturday, 16th!

I spoke on the Light(er) side of Spiritual Awakening

This was my first public speaking engagement of this nature, with a many more to come throughout the year. I am so grateful for these opportunities and for being able to share divine wisdom with more beautiful hearts in the world.

Here's a taste of the presentation (fyi my son was doing the recording :))

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, connect with our spiritual community!

Please don't forget to LIKE SHARE FOLLOW!

Divine Blessings



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