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May 11, 2023 NOVA BLOG




A team of dedicated scientists is currently delving deep into the hidden potential of trees, seeking to better understand their interconnectedness with humanity, the natural world, and Earth’s magnetic activity.

Recent findings suggest that the Earth’s magnetic fields carry biologically significant information that connects all living systems, including trees. Through the use of our state-of-the-art sensors, we have been able to measure the electrical activity within trees and the surrounding environment, unveiling remarkable insights into the electrical lives of trees. Interestingly, we have discovered that trees possess distinct electrical voltage patterns and circadian rhythms, much like humans.

The current network of 45 tree sensors hosted by Citizen Scientists is transmitting valuable data from 11 countries outside the United States: Australia, Canada, Chile, Finland, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the UK.

Throughout their research, they have encountered delightful stories, such as the Netherlands embassy in Turkey sponsoring two tree sensors for their National Tree‑Planting Day on November 11th. Students gathered around two sugar gum trees, sending heart‑felt thoughts and feelings. Though they are still in the process of analyzing the data, the initial findings appear most promising.

In India, where there is a significant population of wild monkeys, our Tree System equipment was disrupted on one occasion. Consequently, we lost several days’ worth of data until the system was restored. These experiences have helped us learn how to better place our sensors.

We believe our research data will be instrumental in unveiling the profound relationship between humanity and the natural world and in laying the foundation for a better future for all.

** will keep you posted as more data comes to my attention.



What is mentoring?

Mentoring is an established, confidential partnership between a professional and client, for the purposes of learning and growth. The purpose of mentoring is to connect a professional (therapist) who has a lot of knowledge and experience with a client who is on the threshold of an inner transformation and needs support in gaining the same knowledge or experience. By having someone who knows more than yourself share advice, offer guidance and be a sounding board for your thoughts, mentoring allows for a multitude of benefits! And not just for the mentee – the experience can be incredibly rewarding for the mentor and also allows them to develop further skills and development with coaching and communication – key professional support skills.

Benefits of mentoring Mentorship programs leverage existing key characteristics of a client and help them grow and thrive. Mentorships can also foster a learning culture, which promotes a natural organic curiosity, sense of sovereignty and a strong sense of discernment, all characteristics critical in todays world.

There’s also a wide range of benefits to clients who are a part of the mentorship programs which go beyond being offered professional development. These benefits are important to be aware of, as they add a great deal of value to the clients life experience and provide intrinsic rewards that help foster ongoing success.

These are:

  • Receiving guidance and support from a respected professional

  • Personal development opportunities

  • Increased confidence

  • Useful, objective and meaningful feedback

  • Growing a personal network

  • Having a confidential sounding board for ideas and challenges

  • Exposure to new and different perspectives

  • Opportunity to learn from other peoples experiences

  • Developing and deepening communication skills

What’s next?

One of the most impressive things about an effective mentorship program is how far the effects reach. It’s ultimately a win-win for everyone involved. Mentorships are the most effective when they are designed according to specific needs and themes, and when they are built on clearly defined objectives. A well planned and thoughtfully executed mentorship program will have the capability to reap long term benefits in the clients life and should be a strategically planned process to see success.


I (Dijana) have four 1 : 1 Mentor programs.

  1. 8-week Mentoring Program©️ with Dijana - a 100% customised mind, body, emotion and spirit, holistic program designed for your personal development, insight and self awareness

  2. Bootcamp Within©️ Program - a 4-week program dealing specifically with revealing your unconscious mind, otherwise knows as shadow work

  3. Self Mastery©️ Program - a 4-week program dealing specifically with understanding the principles of mastering, and then, creating your reality

  4. Divine Partnerships©️ Program - a 4-week program dealing specifically with unity consciousness and divine unconditional love spiritual quantum principles.

For further information or to arrange a mentor program, please go to or email me at


NOVA WHOLISTIC©️ Episode 21 with Bonnie Hardie

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