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This weeks edition is all about THAT event!


Gateway ... Portal ... Galactic alignment


You may not have been consciously aware that this alignment was happening. In my world everyone was talking about this, and I mean EVERYONE. Many celebrated by coming together to dance, chant, pray, meditate, consciously unify their energy fields in order to welcome, create and amplify more love and light energy.

Many celebrated inward, choosing instead to focus on their inner balance and harmony, and intention setting.

You see, on this day (energetically speaking), stars were aligned gifting you with unconditional magic to create anything you wish for. This energy is perfect for manifestation of your dreams into reality. Your own Heaven on Earth. Your Utopia, Shambala, Shangri La. The codes of universal and solar light that came into the Earth's sphere are immensely high vibrational.

And while many were celebrating, there were those of us that were already a little ahead, beginning to consciously integrate these particles of light. Wow! In all honesty, my body felt a little like I was completely out of my mind and buzzing on some party drug. There was so much activity within, at the molecular and subatomic level. I have actually never seen molecules in a multi-dimentional way, meaning, the same molecule at different frequencies. The integration had to do with this multi-dimentional aspects aligning and working together.

And then, the embodiment started. This had me physically knocked out for a day or so. I intuit that many will experience this like a coming down from a big night out! Uncomfortable physically, emotionally and mentally. Stay mindful and practice self care in the most loving way!

Once embodiment is achieved, then the fun starts. Out ability to consciously create/co-create and manifest is being amped up exponentially. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with this. I Am yet to witness this frequency embodied, at work and in service to the collective, although I have the knowing within that this divine light is here and looking to express itself outward.

Take care my loves!

Sharing your experiences with this energetic frequency is absolutely welcome.


Love and Bless


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