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Soul Speak has an expansive, independent energy like no other. Have you ever witnessed a project just go off? Appear to have a life of it's own? Manifest in the world and fly? In case you haven't had a chance to check it out, Soul Speak live sessions aims to introduce a variety of people in a variety of professions that are aligned with their Soul Mission and Purpose. The intention is to tell stories of awakening, self discovery, of remembering ones wisdom. The intention also is to normalise the process of awakening to ones Soul Truth ... To minimise confusion and fear ... To know that you are not alone in this! The live broadcasts are via my Facebook page

FOLLOW THE PAGE .. and you will receive all the notifications in real time.

... Soul Speak has certainly delivers. I have witnessed the most amazing stories, the deepest divine wisdom. The journey of awakening has been spoken into collective awareness by some exceptional people. Including this wonderful lady, Destiny Fae

Our Live Broadcast has been seen by hundreds of people, shared by 24+ and reached over 1500 souls. This, to me, is exceptional!

These sessions are obviously in line with the collective pulse. I'm really excited about this and I'm working to find a way to record these sessions and have them available on YouTube as well!

Speaking of Soul Speak awsome-ness ...

Check this out!

Another Divine Goddess, Sylvia from THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF TWIN FLAMES! Sylvia has a very successful YouTube channel that support people in their spiritual awakening through the twin flame journey.

When I first reached out to Sylvia, it was because I saw like a flash image of us talking. As it turned out, Sylvia had never really spoken about her awakening publicly and she was ready to share. Fantastic!

This, my lovelies, is DIVINE TIMING. Spirit/higher Self/divine team sends a message and you (as the physical expression through your physical body) receive it and act on it. The synchronicity is astonishing.

In conclusion ... my intention this week was to give a little snap shot of how I work with divine aspects, with divine guidance. As I'm aligned with my highest truth and authenticity, MAGIC HAPPENS! Ease and peace ... This is what happens behind the scenes of Soul Speak as well as other projects aligned with my soul mission and vision.

Once more ... JOIN US on my Facebook page by following



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