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InnerNET Presents - The Journey to Embodiment

The process of embodiment is multi-layered, including many facets of awakening, aha! moments, letting go, healing, layers of understanding, re-programming, remembering, etc ...

This process requires dedication, practice, discipline and the utilisation of many aspects of self. Join me in sharing the wisdom of embodiment. IN THIS WORKSHOP YOU WILL LEARN: 1. What is understanding, grounding, anchoring and embodiment 2. What is the difference between these difference stages of the journey 3. The difference layers of learning 4. How is the use of masculine energy within a key ingredient to embodiment 5. Why intellectual understanding is not enough to embody a knowing/wisdom 6. Why the evolution of consciousness (people and planet) is closely connected to embodiment ... and much more! Another vital peace of the human/divine puzzle! You can't afford to miss this. PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT INFORMATION a) This workshop will be delivered ONLINE as a private/closed online Facebook group b) Once you've registered I will send you the link to the group c) The group and recording of the workshop will be available to you for 1 week after the event (you can watch the workshop as many times as you like!!) d) If you would like to attend but cannot be a part of the event in real time, you can still register and have access to the workshop for that 1 week (watch it in your own time) e) I am available to answer general question related to the workshop delivered in that 1 week BRING Your curiosity Your willingness to learn and receive information An open mind and heart Pen, pencils (if you're visual), note pad for note taking A well charged phone/pc/laptop (maybe have charger ready) Headset for clear hearing Lots of water for hydration Learning can be hungry work, so have some snacks handy TIMEZONE CONVERTER LINK REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT

Link to Facebook Event Exchange is AUD$11.22 PayPal.Me/dijanaorg. JOIN ME! Blessings and Love Dijana

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