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What is AWAKENING Awakening is a spark within, an ignition switch, a flame you feel burning within. Awakening is when a new curiosity is born that begins the process of questioning, shifting perspective, illuminating old beliefs and values in order to make room for deep transformation. It is a journey toward a higher frequency perspective, a new vision of the world.

MENTORING aims to provide you with the tools, insight, connection with your wisdom by gently guiding you in your awakening journey back to your highest potential. This journey is unique to every individual. There are 4 mentoring voyages to choose from, each with unique characteristics igniting different aspects within.

MENTORING SUPPORTS YOU WITH: โ€‹ - How to navigate through a spiritual awakening - How to live a spiritual life, day-to-day - Gain clarity and deeper understanding around synchronisities, repeating numbers, dreams, ascension symptoms - Connect with your higher self - Connect with the different aspects of yourself - Connect with your intuition and learn to trust it - Learn to identify and work with the broken/hurt parts of yourself - Learn how to recognise what the shadow is communicating to you (anger, saddness, depression, anxiety, stress, worry, avoidance, addiction, fear, etc) - Learn to let go and heal - Learn to be present and stay in the present moment - Learn to nurture yourself and receive 100% from every moment - Learn to recognise when your higher self is talking to you - Learn to consciously shift perspective and maintain that higher perspective - Learn to observe stillness and get out of your body/mind rat race - Learn how to remember and connect with your purpose - Learn how to align and implement your purpose - Learn how to manifest - Arrive at the unconditional love and abundance frequencies - Understand the flow and application of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies - Learn how to create your Heaven on Earth โ€‹ AND MUCH MORE!

IN THE FIRST INSTANCE: Contact me via Facebook, Instagram or website for an initial FREE 30 MINUTE consultation!

Love and Blessings Dijana โ™ฅ๏ธ

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