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The Heart of What Matters

What is the collective consciousness, what is oneness and unity? My perception has grown when using these terms, there has been so much to take in and decipher because everyone has a take on what it means to them, and that is part of what it means, having your own perception and introducing your truth without judgement As you sit in your heart hold space for the expansion of yourself, we don't have the ability to function without a heart and a heart doesn't have the ability to function without us allowing for growth. We are using our heart both involuntary and voluntary just as we do our breathing. The heart plays a metaphoric voluntary role, we use it as a representative of our being, it represents love, discernment, Pain, fear, empathy and emotions, As it is also literally an involuntarily organ pumping blood throughout our bodies keeping us alive. The aspect of both is that it is happening because of us but also it is happening to us. We are both in control and not in control, we are creators of our existence, it's like it's our eyes that turn the sun into light, it's our ignorance that turns what we don't understand into fear , it's the nerve endings in our skin that turn the vibrations in the air into temperature and our ears that turn vibrations in the air into sound , and in that way we are in fact creating the world. So the message I wish to convey to you today is use your heart to awaken your mind. Not your mind to distract your heart. We are born to feel and experience then we are called to action upon what we feel. Your mind has a reaction to the feeling and that reaction is usually fear and doubt, these are the blockages we need to loosen or we will find it harder and to discern what's real and what's the reality of it. We stop trying to feel because we have made mistakes in the past, but nothing that you think about will change that, we need to invite the challenge of failure sometimes, so when we get it right eventually. Then we will feel the difference. Embrace your heart and stay in alignment with your true self. Your experience is collectively making a difference to this beautiful earth and anchoring all of humanity

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