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Change is easy... not!

We are fully in 2023, and it is time to look at our New Year’s resolutions. When the year ends and with other milestones – anniversaries, birthdays, etc. – we tend to run a ‘Profit and Loss’ report of our lives and establish where we want to head for the new cycle.

Manifestation, visualisation, intention and goal setting may be practices that you are familiar with, and they all look great when we do the vision boards of our future. However, let’s face it, sometimes we fail to achieve what we wish for ourselves, even with the best intentions. Why is that so? Are we not capable of attaining simple – or complex – life goals? Do we need to do more to feel fulfilled?

The answer is quite simple yet profound: fear. We are fearful of changes, and it is in our programming. It is so hardwired in our brains that we can’t even see the fear that underlines every process of change, and we should be grateful for it.

Thousands of studies on neuroscience have demonstrated how parts of our brain work, and to put it simply: the brain is our safety mechanism, and security is its priority. The brain needs the body to function. Its primary goal is, indeed, to keep the body safe. The brain doesn’t care about our emotional or spiritual health and well-being, or they are not on its priority list.

The brain learns that by being in your current job, you can provide shelter and food to your body, and this is good enough. Over the years, it has also learned that the relationships that you are in can provide the necessary human connection that stimulates the production of all the good molecules required for its development.

Your brain will never prompt you with questions such as: is this aligned with my purpose? Is this what I am meant to be doing to enjoy my life experience at its best? These are ‘spiritual questions’, and they are prompted by that part of you encompassed under the terms Spiritual Energy. Hence they need a spiritual – or energetic approach – and not a logical one.

I aim to provide a step-by-step breakdown of the energetic approach necessary to embrace and embody change without triggering the fear mechanism in this and the following blogs. These observations and suggestions are the results of my studies and practice, and I will likely review and practice with the crystals mentioned once again. At the same time, this blog series is published so we can take this journey together.

Our existing commitments represent a frequent blockage that we encounter in the process of experiencing fulfilment. They are of all different natures: financial, emotional and physical commitments are all consequences of our past choices. Those decisions felt like the best possible outcome then, but with changes, they may also need reviewing.

Like a potted plant that is pot-bound, we also need a larger space to grow. A good practice before establishing a goal is to set the intention that every choice made from that moment on has to feel aligned with what we are trying to achieve. The only possible practice is to pause our ‘thinking brain’ and ignite our ‘feeling brain’ or Emotional Body.

The emotional body is a layer of energy – a part of us - that resides at a certain distance from our physical body, and to access this part of ourselves, we need to get in touch with our emotions. In Chinese Medicine, emotions are associated with the Water Element. In the Five Elements system, Water is nourished by Metal and Controlled by Earth; during my years of energy medicine, clinical practice and personal development, I found modalities, tools and crystals that can be very useful in this situation. I am sharing them with the intention that may provide you with the necessary energetic support.

Angelite is a Calcium Sulphate mineral from Peru with a pale blue colouration with no water content. Its blue colour represents renewal – Calcium as an element is binding, and Sulphur detoxifies. Feeling overly emotional produces the same effect as being paralysed with fear; we struggle to move forward as the emotional waves are too intense.

Pyrite is a metallic stone with a cubic formation. I found pyrite the best teacher regarding boundaries. Because of its molecular structure and chemical composition, pyrite’s energies nourish – through resonance with the blood – and detoxify simultaneously to realise what commitments are still valid and what needs to be released.

In the Aura-Soma Colour System, the colour that is associated with this process is Emerald Green; this is a secondary colour, a combination of Blue and Yellow in equal parts. Working with the Emerald Green Pomander is a good way to facilitate this process, strengthening our energy field (aura) with the support of the forty-nine herbs in each Aura-Soma Pomander.

On a symbological level, represented in the Tarot system, we are facing one of the Major Arcana: the Wheel. This card, the 10th in the Major Arcana series, has often been associated with new beginnings. The wheel of life is moving in one direction or another, which always implies stepping forward in our life path. I hope you enjoy the first steps towards the changes you want to create and ground in your life path. By taking responsibility for every choice, you step towards Spiritual Freedom.


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