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Change is easy... not! – Time to let go

Hopefully, after the previous blog, you felt drawn to ignite a process within yourself regarding change and fear; as established across different disciplines, any change to our current routine will ignite a certain level of fear within ourselves that may trigger the fight or flight response.

The list could also be a mile long: fear of failure or success, fear of letting people we love down, fear of not being good enough, etc. The root fear that supersedes them all is the fear of letting go. What does this fear look and feel like?

We grasp our little habits for dear life – literally, we identify with our jobs, relationships, bodies, and thoughts because that is exactly what ego is. “I Am” is never a complete sentence unless we ‘attach’ something else. I Am a man, a husband, a mother, an employee, and so forth. By attaching that extra something, we create (pun-intended) attachments. By letting go, we need to trust, and here is when the situation becomes spiritual.

Freedom can only come when we create space and time; being that physical space in our environment or an ‘energetic space’ in our energy field; by releasing old attachments that are not there in our best interest, we need to learn how to let go and not be scared by this empowering process.

Often I have worked with clients who were single and looking forward to being in a relationship. When I asked them about their lifestyle, they defined themselves as very busy: working long hours, planning weekends with friends, having many family commitments, etc. My question was: “So how are you planning to fit a relationship in all this?” eventually, they would answer along the line of “Oh, I will make time for it!”.

Making time is an exciting concept because it entails much responsibility. Taking ownership of our time is an act of creation that involves energetic input. If our energy is all taken by our current activities, we can’t ‘make time’ for anything else. You need to free up some space first.

From Feng Shui to decluttering and minimalism, the first step towards bringing in the new is to release and eliminate the old. The same principle can be applied to our energy. When we have too many attachments, our energy becomes heavy and dense; it stagnates.

In these circumstances, we need to move energy fast and in combination with the emotional cleansing phase just discussed, we need to discharge the excessive stagnation. For example, meditation with the support of Selenite and Tea Tree essential oil is a good practice for this phase.

Selenite is a Calcium Sulphate – like Angelite – with the difference that it has quite a high water content that facilitates energy movement, which is why Selenite is often described as a cleansing crystal. Selenite doesn’t clean energy per se as it lacks absorbent powers – like black obsidian and black tourmaline – however, it prevents energy from stagnating and becoming dense and heavy.

Tea Tree is often used on a physical level as an antiseptic and antibacterial remedy, and its energetic signature powerfully resonates with its physical properties. At times we are conscious of attachments that prevent us from moving forward; other times, these energetic cords are deeply embedded in our subconscious – upbringing, culture, social circumstances etc. – and Tea Tree can help with both. Tea Tree provides us with the necessary energetic clarity. Letting go can be painful: it doesn’t matter if we are letting go of an old pair of shoes – that we kept until now for specific reasons – or an outdated relationship. The brain wants to keep us alive; the emotional baggage doesn’t interfere with that. A part of us has to part, and that is also frightening. We can live with regrets and sorrows. However, that path is probably the least optimal for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The caterpillar needs to let go of the idea of being a caterpillar, the literal concept of Self, to transform into a butterfly. We will discuss the adventures of the caterpillar in our next post; stay tuned.


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