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Crystal Intelligence: My Love Relationship with Crystals

My journey with crystals started in 2008 when someone suggested a particular crystal that would have helped me with what was happening then. I knew nothing about crystals. I didn’t know what a crystal was – let alone be aware that a crystal could have helped me. All I knew was probably that crystals were pretty rocks and that the “crystals people” were a residue from the sixties with too much time on their hands.

I was born in a traditional and not-too-dysfunctional Italian family. I went through my teenage and young adulthood years in a very ordinary way with nothing worthy of particular notice. I also would like to provide a picture of myself back then; imagine an average 30 years old male: I had a job and a career in the corporate world, I was enjoying my weekend with parties and friends, I had my emotional highs and lows, and I truly believed that my experience in the world was limited at what my mind and body were telling me.

My entry point in the crystal world and the realm of spirit happened through books – there was no google back then, can you believe it? The fact that someone I ended up trusting sincerely has said that a particular crystal would have helped me has intrigued my intellectual faculties, and by intellect, I moved my first steps into this ‘stuff’. So, how did I make a living and change the course of my ordinary life with crystals?

When you read any crystal book, the first few pages highlight the framework used by the author in their work; they usually explain why they wrote the book and how they came to the conclusions that will be accessible to the reader in the following pages. Being completely new to the subject, I must have picked the top 3 pop crystal books and encountered the first issues very soon.

Who told this person all of this? How do they know the differences between crystals besides their physical aspects? As I mentioned before, spiritual subjects were not on my priority list back then, so I stopped my self-learning process very soon; however, I kept buying crystals because they were pleasant to look at, and I was told they were doing some good to me. Fast-tracking a few years, I ended up with more than just a couple of crystals, and when friends and family started to notice them, they were asking questions, and I didn’t have any answers to provide except that I liked them.

The most frequently asked question was if I had a particular belief in their alleged energies or any knowledge of what they were. All I remember was buying a crystal and probably reading in the books what that crystal was and what it was supposed “to do” – information that quickly was forgotten. After a series of events and circumstances, I ended up enrolling in a Diploma of Energy Healing where I hoped that someone would provide some answers to questions such as what is a chakra? What is energy and energy medicine, and how all of this is related to crystals?

The next challenge came when I tried explaining these concepts to the same family and friends. I noticed that people resist taking information on intangible topics at face value. When you study any subject for an extended period, the answers to the initial questions result from a long process. They are not necessarily easily translatable in a 30-second response. I ended up re-opening the crystals books and acquiring a few more, and slowly and indeed, I started to build my way of understanding and experiencing crystals and their energies.

This motivation prompted me to the concept of Crystal Intelligence: I wanted to find a way to work with crystals without relying on someone else’s opinion or experience with them. Crystals are a material representation of energy and energy patterns; hence by working through what a crystal is, its structure, level of formation, molecular distribution and composition and colour, we can decipher its energetic output. The fascinating part of this process is that each of us has experiences with a single crystal that remain unique and authentic, but we come from an objective and standard level of knowledge.

I wasn’t gifted with any particular intuitive or channelling abilities, so I only had two options: I could have learned by heart from the books, but I experienced how long this learning stays in my memory, or I had to build my knowledge from the ground up – pun intended – so that I could utilise these concepts as a deciphering code and let the crystals “speaks” by their Intelligence.

If you are interested in knowing more about Crystal Intelligence, I run regular workshops, and the next two-day workshop is on the 6th and 7th of May 2023; you can find more information regarding this event by following this link.


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