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“For those who wish to re-member themselves…come and see.”

The Aura-Soma System has been an excellent support for me over the last 15 years; little did I know when I had the first consultation that I would carry a bottle across the world representing so much for me.

As soon as I experienced my first consultation, I knew I wanted to know more, so I started to read the Aura-Soma Sourcebook, trying to “understand” this fascinating system of colours and how Vicky Wall – the creator of Aura-Soma – had channelled so much mystical and spiritual knowledge in little coloured bottles.

Since then, I have had many more consultations, and my daily routine usually involves using a bottle, the Pomanders and the Quintessences. I have also done a great deal of studying, and in 2019 I became a Certified Practitioner, which has allowed me to share the colour vibrations with many curious souls through one-to-one consultations and workshops.

For me, Aura-Soma is, first and foremost, a language, the Language of Light and Colours, that can easily connect with a deep part of ourselves. When Vicky Wall brought it to light in 1983, she didn’t exactly know what it was for. It took years of interactions with her clients to understand the potential hidden in those bottles and the application of the liquid to the body.

Who best can know you than yourself? When a colour combination ‘steps forward’ by looking at the 123 combinations, you feel a part of you there that “wants to come home”. By embracing that we are more than our body and mind, we open ourselves to various possibilities that make our soul journey worthwhile.

The Aura-Soma System is a system of colours, plants and crystal essences to support our wellness and well-being. The meaning of this is different for each of us, and it is its beauty and power.

The language of colours has been used by humanity since its very beginning, as we have learned to express ourselves through this language as much as the written and spoken forms. When we see green, we feel a sense of freedom within ourselves and also, ‘becoming green with envy’ is a prevalent saying. So what lies beyond green, and how can that apply to our life?

There are no linear explanations of the Aura-Soma system, and many books have been written about it. However, I believe the best way to ‘understand’ Aura-Soma is to experience it. The direct experience available to each of us is applying the bottles on the body with the support of Pomanders and Quintessences.

Over the coming months, I will share some knowledge and experience with the colours and their language. I will also share some stories of clients and friends that have experienced the products and the consultations. This will be done through blog posts and newsletters to satisfy some curiosity and awaken the potential of colours within yourself.


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