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Friday, 17 March, 2023 NOVA BLOG


Join me at Awaken Wellness Gathering on Sunday 26 March

Conscious music and art + deeply rejuvenating experience of the @Peninsula Hot Springs = a first ever gathering in Australia that you don't want to miss!

Have you booked your tickets to Awaken Wellness Gathering yet?

Held on Sunday 26 March at the Peninsula Hot Springs, you’ll be treated to an experience like no other.

With Shiva Rea, Dr Bruce Lipton, William Wong, Simone Callahan, Maggie Carr and Jem Stone all part of the line up, it's going to be a day to remember.

Just 90 minutes from Melbourne, natural geothermal mineral waters flow into the pools and private baths at this coastal oasis, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

You can find out more about the program and book your ticket here. We have been an offer for our community to receive a 20% by using this discount code : awakenfamily2023

While you’re there, come and say hi! I’ll be at the SoulAdvisor healing domes at the Awaken Wellness Village offering my Holistic Counselling & Spiritual Mentoring services.

To take some time out that is just for you, pre-book your session at:

Looking forward to it!



It's clinic season at Nature Care and our students are available on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

You or anyone you pass this offer to, can use my name as a discount code "Invited by Irina" in the notes section.

The price then will be $15/ session payable after the session. However, it could be complementary if someone experiencing financial difficulties.

Here is the link to the bookings:

For our clinic, please select "Zoom Initial Energetic Health Consultation", but everyone is welcome to book the other sessions also.


From the HeartMath Institute:

Did you know? Heart‑focused, sincere, positive feeling states boost the immune system, while negative emotions may suppress the immune response for up to six hours.These actual heart‑monitor readouts contrast the heart‑rhythm pattern of an individual experiencing frustration and then appreciation.

The smooth heart rhythm, measured by heart rate variability (HRV), is what scientists call a highly ordered or coherent pattern and is a sign of good health and emotional balance.

Repeated studies by the HeartMath Institute show, individuals who intentionally focus on appreciation or other positive emotions can change their heart rhythm patterns from chaotic to smooth and rhythmic, like ocean waves.

The marked change Bruce enjoyed is available to everyone who can spend a few minutes a day shifting their focus to sincere appreciation.

To try a simple Appreciation Exercise, click here.


NOVA WHOLISTIC©️ Episode 17 with Lillian Brummet from Brummet Media

Thank you 🙏

For all episodes of Nova Wholistic ©️ available on


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Mental Emotional Physical Health & Wellbeing©

This program offers simple and effective breathwork, creative visualisation, and meditation strategies to support health and well-being for everyday living and on the go.


This transformational program is suitable for anyone ready and willing to take a personal journey of reflection with gentle, safe, and supportive guidance. Regardless of prior experience or level of personal awareness, the process is easily followed with the only requirement being an open mind.

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